Ergonaut Series Consoles

Tubular steel Frame Console System The Ergonaut Series of control room consoles is the choice of those who feel that control room consoles should have metal frames with vented steel access doors. The individual frames are bolted together to create an environment that has no leg obstructions to restrict movement between sections. This open system allows cables to pass freely between sections in segregated cable management troughs. Stylish engraved end panels finish off the ends of each row. Our Ergonaut Series tubular steel frame consoles have many options and accessories that can be added to the basic system.

You're wish is our command

Ergonaut Steel Frame Control Console System

For those customers who are looking for something less industrial looking, we add features that are the most commonly requested by our clients. A stackable slatwall is vented on top to dissipate heat from the equipment storage below. It's height upgradable in the field. Cable management grommets in the front face of the slatwall eliminate holes in the worksurface. We replaced the standard steel access doors with solid core laminate doors before finishing with our signature designer end panels. We have also added pencil drawers which are valuable for those who need personal storage but still require unobstructed side to side mobility. Finally, we included slatwall mounted communication hubs with Ethernet connections, power plugs and USB ports which are great for plugging in laptops, charging ports, keyboards, mice, headsets and other important peripherals.

Far Sturdier

Tubular steel metal frames are far superior to the competition.

We're are much better because the frames we manufacture are far sturdier than those used by others. Most of our competitors create base frames like “erector-sets” in kit form. They utilize a parts list of angle iron, nuts, bolts and washers that require lengthy onsite assembly. The Ergonaut frame system is constructed using TIG welded tubular steel, not angle iron. There are distinct advantages to having console frames that are completely square from the get go. Assembling frames on site not only takes up a lot of time, invariably they won't match up without a lot of adjustments. We all know that time is money. The longer it takes to install, the more it cost you. Americon consoles arrive assembled and ready to use.

Worksurface Supports Prevent Warping

Instead of supporting our worksurfaces from the ends Steel support struts prevent warpingof the frame, the Ergonaut frame system utilizes cantilevered supports that are strategically located to distribute the support of the worksurface evenly to prevent warping in the middle. The underside of the worksurface has been grooved so the support struts are embedded flush to prevent knee knocking and snags. All attachments to the worksurface utilize threaded fasteners and countersunk bolts. Our standard Ergonaut workstations have vented steel hinged access doors both front and rear that are detachable without the use of tools. The doors are strong enough to carry optional CPU storage trays. The base assembly also has a perforated storage shelf with cable passthroughs at each end to allow cable access to the floor.

OMNI-TRAC rail system eliminates the need for a slatwall

Monitor brackets mount directly to the OMNI-Trac rail system. Incorporated into the worksurface is a flush-mounted rail system for attaching brackets that fit all of the popular monitor arms, pole mounts and task lights. Mounting brackets attach to the rail and are secured from the top to eliminate the need to crawl under the desk to install or reposition monitors and other peripherals. Simply position the bracket and tighten a couple of machine screws and you’re done. A continuous grommet system between the rails allows cables to go directly into the CPU storage compartment below. The "OMNI-TRAC" rails go from end to end so adding sections continues the mounting rail system without interuption.

Base Features

Rear Mount Equipment Rack
  • TIG welded tubular steel construction
  • Cantilever worksurface supports
  • Front and rear vented removable doors
  • Vented CPU storage shelf
  • Segregated cable management
  • Cable access to the floor
  • Passthrough cable access between modules
  • Surge protected power strips
  • Sections available in 4 foot, 5 foot and 6 foot lengths
  • Powder-coated finishes
  • Adjustable leveling glides
  • Optional equipment racks & shelves
Steel support struts prevent warping
U-shape Console Workstation

Sample Diagrams

Ergonaut continuous frame consoles are available to the general public through our direct sales department. Our government customers can buy through our GSA contract# GS28F-0012K, GSA eBUY, GSA Advantage and government credit cards. If they meet the requirements of the "The Americon Recovery and Investment Act"; local, county, and state agencies can buy at GSA prices.

In-house consultants are always available for complimentary designs, evaluations and budget quotes to insure that you are ordering the right products for your needs. We have many workstation options and accessories that personalize your selections.

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