Personal Workspace Manager
Personal Workspace Manager
In today’s call center and 24 BY 7 dispatch center environments, Ergonomics (the science of human engineering) dictates that each individual be in arm's length control of all critical functions to minimize task interruptions and insure comfort, safety and productivity. We were never totally satisfied with the bulky and costly personal environmental systems available commercially. So we developed the "Personal Workspace Manager", a system that is so much more than just a desk top fan and a space heater. This appliance is both user friendly and cost effective.
More than just a desktop environmental control system:

  • A desktop filtered-air circulation system with directional louvers
  • A forced-air heater below the worksurface to warm legs and feet
  • Turret-mounted communications hub with dual RJ45 keystone jacks for laptops and phones
  • Turret-mounted USB3 ports for keyboards, mice, headsets and thumb drives
  • Turret-mounted AC power receptacles for laptops and peripherals
  • Six receptacle Chassis-integrated power strip below the worksurface for CPUs
  • Optional turret-mounted dimmer for task lighting
  • Optional turret-mounted control of motorized sit/stand lift systems
  • A low profile-turret (less than 4" tall) that has a small 5" x 14" footprint
  • Drop-in self-rimming appliance that's easy to install in existing furniture

What started out as a replacement product for a discontinued paradigm for individual environmental control, has become a product where the heating and cooling elements are merely added features to a much more powerful and dynamic system that incorporates a communications hub, power above the worksurface and a full 15A power strip below. For many years, they have filled customer needs by supplying slatwall-mounted and worksurface-mounted communication/multimedia devices; so, putting it all together into their PWM-1000 was a no brainer. The PWM-1000 makes it easy to utilize storage drives, headsets, keyboards, mice and other peripherals without crawling under desk to plug into a CPU. You can also bring in a laptop and plug it into both power and the network. For our dispatch and call center customers, they have also added optional controls of sit/stand lifts and lighting dimmers.

The low-profile silhouette of the turret (less than 4” tall) doesn't interfere with mounting monitor arms, lights, storage trays and other peripherals on our slatwalls.

PWM-1000 Environmental Control System

This versatile product is a self-contained drop-in appliance that in addition incorporates six outlets of 15 AMP power in its lower chassis to power computers, monitors, lifts and other peripherals. It eliminates the need for a separate powerstrip under the work surface.

To install, the user need only cut a rectangular hole in the work surface, drop the appliance in place and secure it from underneath with a pair of wing nuts that are provided. An integrated metal garnish ring insures a tidy professional installation.

Below the worksurface, the PWM-1000 shows its versatility in dealing with computers and peripherals with chassis-mounted USB3 ports and communications ports. A rear plenum kit filters ambient air from cooler areas away from CPU storage and delivers it to the desktop viable speed fan.

The Personal Workspace Manager (PWM-1000) can be ordered in all Americon dispatch consoles, call center furniture, control room consoles and modular workstations. We also offer this product on the open market as we do with all of our call center accessories.

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