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The Company

For four decades, Americon has satisfied the command and control center needs of multi-national corporations, the military along with local, state and federal agencies with innovative technical furniture and audiovisual solutions. Guided by our founder, Bill Farah, our business has always focused on building the finest quality “Starship” style command and control room furniture. As a multi-faceted company, Americon answers the needs of new environments with creative situation-driven solutions. We have created this website to showcase our expertise in furniture design and manufacturing. We also have a website dedicated specifically to our Visionmaster video wall solutions. As a nationally-recognized audiovisual integrator & video wall manufacturer, we marry both disciplines to give the client a total turnkey solution. Our corporate website is an overview of the many facets that make up the "Americon Experience".

Technical Furniture

Americon manufactures a wide range of dispatch consoles for police, fire and security. Many styles and options are available to personalize consoles to individual needs. Rather than the typical table style system with metal table legs that can restrict leg room, Americon consoles are robust and full bodied. Leg room is never compromised even when utilizing lifting motors, cpu storage and cable management.   We manufacture many versatile styles that can be used in numerous applications. An example would be that our dispatch furniture can be used for 911 consoles, emergency management furniture, security consoles, call center furniture, NOC consoles, process management and trading desks. For examples, view our project briefs.

Better Materials

The materials that we use in manufacturing our products are many times more impact resistant than the traditional high-pressure laminates that are commonly found in our competitor's products. The use of these space age materials enables us to create free-formed furniture without utilizing traditional bumper moldings or laminate tapes. The company also offers an upgraded worksurface made from solid surface cultured marble. Our automated manufacturing processes allow us to produce consistently superior products that are  extremely cost effective.

Command Consoles

Americon "OMNI Series" furniture has been appropriate named. It works well in most any application in command centers, control centers, dispatch centers and security environments. As dispatch furniture, it is custom made to meet the individual customer's needs. There are three basic types to choose from. static that serve well in seated applications, split-level sit/stand consoles with two independently movable work surfaces and sit/stand motorized full-lift consoles that are amazingly simple to adjust and work well with slatwalls and monitor arms. All versions offer many accessories and options. the customer can choose cockpit style angular consoles, straight linear consoles and true concentric-arc style workstations.

Control Consoles

Yes, we still make "Commander Series" control room furniture for those who are looking for the "Starship Enterprise". Our enclosed consoles offer rack mounts, faceplates, an open architecture metal frame, front & rear access, cable management and many other standard features. They can also be ordered in an open styling without hoods. There is still a need for these types of consoles in process management and utilities rooms where a dust-free environment is important. Standard turrets can be ordered to create single, double or triple-tier consoles

Steel Frame Consoles

Americon also manufactures a continuous "Ergonaut Series" workstation system that eliminates leg obstructions. The tubular frame is made from 14 gage tubular steel and can be expanded both vertically and horizontally. A uniquely designed hollow slatwall eliminates all power and monitor cords from obstructing full use of the worksurface. The slatwall is expandable vertically in 6" increments and can be added to at any time.

Flip-Screen Furniture

Our "Communicator Series" flip-screen furniture for flat screens offers line of communication and eliminates viewing obstructions between participants. Flip-screens can be added to any Americon workstation. This line of furniture takes an ordinary conference table and turns it into a multi-purpose tool for EOCs and training rooms. With just a flip of the lid, a conference room transforms into a working emergency management center or war room. Flip-panels are also available in our modular furniture. The flip panel can be securely locked and works equally well with all-in-one computers or the traditional trio. In the down position, the functionality of a traditional conference table returns.

Call-Center Furniture

Crosstalk freestanding lo-profile modular furniture is designed specifically for call centers where interaction between call-takers is important as well as maintaining the privacy that is usually only found in cubicle style furniture. Many sizes and configurations can be achieved including l-shapes, u-shapes, t-shapes and pod clusters. Crosstalk workstations with above counter storage cabinets are only 52" tall. The waterfall design of the storage wings adds spaciousness in a normally cluttered environment.

Modular Furniture

Americon also manufactures full-height "Signature Series" modular furniture. There are many options available including our patented flip-panel. Flipper door storage above the worksurface raises overall height of the workstation to 66". Straight workstations with flipper-door storage are also available. Engraved logos and chevrons strategically placed promote teaming and personal worth.


Security and surveillance centers use specialized equipment to monitor buildings and full complexes. So, we manufacture "Secure Series" surveillance consoles that are available in linear or cockpit styling. We incorporate low-profile turrets into our consoles to mount electronics equipment. These consoles are unique in the industry because the turrets are integrated seamlessly into the worksurface of the console. A unique continuous grommet system allows monitor mounts, task lights and other peripherals to be placed anywhere along the perimeter of the console. As with all Americon products, there are many accessories and options that can be integrated in.


As a leading audiovisual integrator, we blend this expertise seamlessly with our cabinetry to produce many innovative and custom AV cabinets for video walls and video conferencing applications.  We have a new Electronic Map Table that doubles as a multimedia presentation system that utilizes multi-touch technology and can easily be rolled from room to room.


In an effort to always be a step ahead of our customer's needs, we have created a "state of the art" "Personal Workspace Manager. The PWM-1000 is a self-contained drop-in appliance that contains a desk fan and a forced air foot warmer. It also controls task lighting and sit/stand motorized lifting systems. Most common usage is 911 emergency dispatch centers and call centers where first responders work long hours and must have control of their own environmental systems.

GSA Furniture

Americon furniture and console offerings are on GSA Advantage. All of our GSA furniture offerings are found under contract number GS 28F-0012K and is listed under SIN 711-2. All Americon workstations have been thoroughly tested and exceed ANSI-BIFMA standards.


We are experts at designing workstations. Our engineering concepts are based on functionality, versatility and ergonomics. we are problem solvers who produce cutting edge solutions based on bridging man to his machines. If you would like some help designing your workspace or the furniture that goes into it , email us Request for More Information and our team will become yours.

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