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Flip-panel furniture enhances line of sight communications

In 2010. Americon was contracted to provide design, space planning services, technical furniture manufacturing, audiovisual and control system integration as a total turnkey package. The advantages of this approach allowed the client to interface with many Americon departments within a very short time frame to go from concept to implementation.

The emergency management center for the Veterans Administration Medical Center in Los Angeles, California also serves for an auxiliary EOC for the City and County of Los Angeles. During an emergency, many departments come together to resolve issues created by an incident and quickly coordinate solutions.

Working with director Ben Spivey and assistant director Bill DeVoe, the Americon planning team of Billy Farah and Jerry Herrington created a systematic, open-ended design for the present, keeping in mind that future requirements would necessitate expandability once the operation was up and running.

Bill Farah, President

   "Doing for the client what is in his or her best interest,  is always in our best interest" - Bill Farah
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