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Concentric-arc Workstations

Concentric Commander Series Control Console Americon manufactures many configurations of consoles. Among them are our straight consoles, cockpit style angular consoles and our concentric-arcs. The beauty of the concentric-arc is that they need no transition pieces between them to create the shape of the configuration. This increases usable workspace and eliminates a lot of extra seams. We can even create concentric-arc consoles in our more complicated workstations like the one above which is a part of our "Commander Series" enclosed versions. The unique materials and processes we use in manufacturing allow us to supply products well outside the capabilities of our competitors who use traditional bumper molding or laminate tapes.

Control Room Designs

ARC and Linear Control Console System

The diagram at the left shows the use of both concentric-arc workstations with flip screens from our "Communicator Series" and linear consoles from our "OMNI Series". There's little limit to the variations we can create to make our products fit your needs.

Concentric Circles: A group of sequencial circles with the same center point. Concentric arcs start out as concentric circles. The workstations that align with these arcs in concave or convex configurations.

In the floor plan below, each workstation is exactly 6í wide and the same depth. In order to maintain the same aisle space between rows, we have created three distinct workstations whose angles are determined by the arc they aligned to.
Concentric-Arc Diagram
This twenty-seven workstation amphitheater design utilized raised flooring that elevates subsequent rows so that there will be no visual obstructions when viewing the video wall in the front of the room. It is Americonís practice to create scaled architectural plans for the client prior to the start of manufacturing. We also coordinate with architects and the trades before the electrical, IT and flooring contractors start their work.

Concentric-Arc consoles are available to the general public through our direct sales department. Our government customers can buy products through our GSA contract# GS28F-0012K, GSA eBUY, GSA Advantage or government credit cards. Local, county and state agencies that meet the requirements of the "The Americon Recovery and Investment Act" can buy at GSA prices.

In-house consultants are always available for complimentary designs, evaluations and budget quotes to ensure that you are ordering the right products for your needs. We have many workstation options and accessories that personalize your selections.

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